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Website content consists of written text, pictures, photo galleries and graphics, audio and video clippings. In the present competitive business environment, interactive website is a requirement for success of the online business. It is important to equip your website by strong and versatile Content Management System (CMS), which gives you the freedom to manage the content of your website according to your desire and modify it perfectly to suit the needs of end users.
All websites developed by WebStudi operate on open-source content management systems that give you authority of the administrator to edit, modify and update the content of your website. You do not require to possess any programming or web development knowledge to manage your website’s pages.  No need to hire a web developer to accomplish content edits each time, you will be able to perform these functions yourself through easy to use interface. Individual training and systems support is absolutely FREE. 
People who are proficient in Microsoft Word can easily work with CMS, create new content, add content, insert images and basically control what is in the website.
Content management systems considerably facilitate online growth. Search engines pick up CMS generated content more easily, and as a result driving more traffic to your website.
We thoroughly select the best content management system appropriate to your web design project specifications.  All content management systems are open-source, so you will not get “locked” into a proprietary system that only some of developers know how to manage and maintain.
In a word the idea behind a CMS is that day-to-day maintenance is handled by the client who, typically, has no prior experience in web page programming.